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Formulated and packed with essential vitamins and minerals that help meet daily nutritional needs and may support energy and cardiovascular function.

Immunity Vitamin C

Formulated to help keep kids in the classroom and on the field. Packed with Echinacea extract to help boost and defend the immune system.

Healthy Support

Tastes Great

All Natural Fruit
Flavors & Colors

Essential Vitamins
& Minerals

What the Experts Say


Being a Playmaker means selflessness, this idea of wanting to make the people around you better, and use your strengths to bring out the strengths of others. To be a team player, to not think of yourself first, but to think of others first, and wanting others to succeed just as much as you want to.

Tobin Heath
World Cup Champion, 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

As a physician and father of three teenagers, I know how hard it is for children to get an adequate amount of vitamins and nutrients from diet alone. Playmaker supplements provide my kids with a great tasting and effective way to help meet their daily nutritional needs.

John Shohfi


Proper nutrition is critical to starting a fire and keeping it going throughout the whole day. Playmaker supplements help children take care of their bodies and keep that fire going.

Carlos Gonzalez
2x MLB All Star, MLB

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